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Over/Under Betting with Top 4 Playing Experiences from Experienced Players

Over/under betting is a form of betting chosen by many football lovers. Immediately pocket the experience from the experts to increase your chances of winning.

For football bettors, the name Over/Under odds is no longer strange. However, for beginners, it is still quite new. The article below kèo nhà cái will help you discover how to read as well as some experiences and playing notes from your predecessors.

Learn about over/under odds with familiar symbols

Over/under betting, also abbreviated as O/U, is an extremely familiar form of soccer betting. A reputable bookmaker will give you a prediction of the match score. The player's job is just to bet money on the numbers in the game.

If your prediction will be lower than the odds offered by the house, you bet on Under and vice versa, higher than Over. Currently, bookmakers often apply O/U based on the total number of final goals, total number of penalty cards, total corners,...

Players need to note some familiar symbols on the odds table. This will help you avoid unnecessary confusion:

  • O (Over0: This is Over, when the guess is greater than the odds provided by the house.
  • U (Under): Under if you think it will be less.
  • The result will be a Draw if the score is equal to the total number of goals.

Learn about over/under odds and related information

How to read over/under odds on some popular numbers

For over/under bets, there are many odds offered by the house. That's why you must clearly understand how to read each type of bet. From there, you will make the right choice and place the correct door, improving your ability to win:

Over/under odds are 0.5

At this time, the rate offered by the house will be 0.5 for you to bet. The results will be calculated as follows:

  • If the total number of final goals < 0.5, the player who bets Under will win, Over will lose.
  • If the final score is > 0.5, Over wins, Under loses.

Bet 1 goal

The 1 goal bet is read by experienced bettors as follows:

  • If the total number of goals is < 1, if you follow Under you will win, otherwise if you follow Over 1 goal you will lose.
  • Total goals = 1, previously tied
  • The total number of final goals is two or more goals. If you bet Over 1 goal, you win.

Odds of 1.5 goals

This odds is determined as follows, you can refer to:

  • When the total number of goals is 0 or 1, the Under bet will win money.
  • If the total goal is greater than 2, bet on Over.

The most detailed guide to reading Over/Under odds

Bet on 2 goals

The 2-goal bet is placed by many bettors. You can see the odds below:

  • Total goals scored = 2, Draw.
  • From 3 goals or more, if you bet Over, you will win, otherwise, Under will lose money.
  • From 1 table or less, those who bet on Under will win.

Extremely useful experience in playing Over/Under odds from experts

Every betting game depends largely on the element of luck, and over/under betting is no exception. However, regular practice and learning tips are also necessary. Here are some experiences from experts for your reference:

Memorize the game rules and betting information

Before participating in any game, you need to know the rules of the game clearly. Especially with over/under bets, betting information such as: house odds, two participating teams, etc. Memorize it to make the right analysis and decision. If you know nothing about the type of bet you intend to play, you are already losing from the first minute.

Practice more skills in analyzing match information

This is something that longtime O/U bettors who want to win a lot practice every day. You need to improve your technique of evaluating the strength, performance as well as the current situation of the two clubs competing on the field. Only then can the results be predicted with an extremely high probability of winning.

Plan your finances and time when playing over/under betting

In order for the process of playing Over/Under betting to go smoothly and successfully, each person should build their own short-term or long-term plan depending on their needs. This will help you determine whether your goal is just entertainment or earning extra income. From there, come up with the best and reasonable betting strategy.

Additionally, it is extremely important to manage your capital carefully. Thanks to that, you will know how much money you need to bet to get the best profit.

Revealing some good tips to apply when playing over/under betting

Maintain a calm spirit when placing bets

Mentality greatly affects players' betting decisions. At the same time, this is also associated with analyzing and predicting the team you will choose.

You should not focus too much on winning or losing. Because this will make you stressed and unable to make the most accurate and objective judgments.

So please join the house betting experience with a happy and comfortable spirit. Thanks to that, you will be able to play longer and accumulate more bonuses.


In the above article, have joined everyone to learn how to read over/under odds as well as share some tips from experts. You can absolutely refer to it and apply it when placing bets to bring in lots of bonuses.

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